Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kuro's Testimonial

Kuro: “As I have very sensitive skin, my mum would try not to give me too much commercialized dog treats as they contain a lot of preservatives.
US Doggie Bakery sells very delicious and healthy treats that will not irritate my skin! Usually I will start “drooling” at the smell of the cookies and cake!

My mum even ordered me a big birthday cake for my birthday!

However all the guests (human and dogs) were fighting for my cake and I could only have one big slice instead of the entire cake!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

US Doggie Bakery celebrated "Easter with your dog" on April 10. The much anticipated outdoor party was spoiled when it started raining hours before the party was due to start. And disappointingly, it poured and I mean POURED throughout the party and didn't stop till our party almost ended! Poor dogs . . . . .and poor us. We were all huddled in the shop and with space constraints, some dogs were getting edgy when other dogs came too close for comfort!

Despite that, we managed to play one game - Resist the Temptation, where owners had to put a plate of lamb meatballs and pizza slices in front of their dogs, without having them eat it. Needless to say, most dogs reckoned they were playing the fastest eater!! They gobbled up everything on the plate in a few seconds flat! Except for a few dogs who were too polite to eat in public :-) They resisted the food with grace, and won themselves a $5 US Doggie Bakery voucher. With that voucher, they could buy more food and then go home and gobble it up in the comforts of their own home without having to be too polite.

One of our customers celebrated his doggie's birthday during the Easter Party. Their adopted Fox Terrier, Racer, turned two and they generously treated all the doggie guests to our fruit jelly cake. More gobbling for the lucky dogs. And guess what? Owners were seen licking their fingers while their dogs licked the plates!!

If you wish to celebrate your doggie's birthday, either at our place or yours, or just have a gathering of dogs, call us. We're expert party planners, no kidding. We always manage to make your doggie's day!

Thank you everyone for attending Easter with your Dogs!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Friends,

Pet Transport Services for your precious furry ones

We understand that your pet is an important member of your family. That is why we provide this special service to assure that your loved one's journey is as safe and pleasurable as possible.


Mondays to Sundays (8am to 6pm)

1 - way trip $30
2 - way trip $50

Mondays to Sundays (6pm to 8pm)

1 - way trip $40
2 - way trip $60

Emergency Services (8pm to 8am)

1 - way trip $90

Public Holidays (8am to 8pm)

1 - way trip $50
2 - way trip $70

To ensure our transport is available for your dog, please make your bookings in advance.

For enquiries & bookings, please call 8399 8185 or email

US Doggie Cab is a subsidiary of US Doggie Bakery, Singapore's One & Only Doggie Bakery

110 Turf City Road
D 9 - 10
K9 - Kampus
Singapore 288000
Tel : 6467 5676

Thank you,
Us Doggie Bakery

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Class 95's Dog Walk 2009

The Class 95 Dog Walk was a fun event with beautiful sunny blue skies. The queue for the goodie bag snaked from the Bishan Dog Run all the way down to the bus stop. Anyone driving past would have thought it was a Great Singapore Sale, except dogs were in the queue! US Doggie Bakery (link to was one of the proud sponsors of the event and we were delighted to see dogs eating our yummy Easter cookies after the walk - perhaps a treat from the proud owners for completing the 1.3km walk.

Take a look at the photographs of the lovely dogs who came in all breeds and sizes.

goodie bags all ready to be given out

Glenn Ong & The Flying Dutchman at the Class 95 Dog Walk
collecting their goodie bag the walk kicks off!

I'm walking as fast as my legs can go!

Let's meet up for water after the walk !
I really dont wanna walk.
Waaaaa! I'm not walking! carnival atmosphere

its nice day to laze in the sun and not walk

I'm so glad I made it!

Shall we do the walk together?
Water! Water! I need water!
Many dog owners brought their dogs to our doggie bakery at Turf City (link to location map on website) after the walk - possibly their dogs could not get enough of our super yummilicious bakes. If you have not been to our doggie bakery yet, you dont know what you're missing! Its the bestest doggie outing your dog could ever have!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to Singapore One & Only Doggie Bakery - where everything is all about dogs!

Step into the Doggie Bakery and the smell of freshly baked cookies and muffins makes YOU and YOUR DOGS salivate. Its that irrestible!

Baked with human ingredients, the bakes are good for human consumption as well. Just that we do it without salt, sugar or preservatives so its really healthy for your dogs.

We have the widest range on our doggie menu - your dog would be spoilt for choice.

Wanna have a party for the furry one in your life? Come see our wide selection of cakes or visit our website at and be amazed at the things we do for the dogs! You dont need to have a birthday to eat a cake! You can have a cake just to celebrate having a loyal companion in your life :-)

Hamburger Cake

Fancy a cake baked in the shape of a dog bowl? Complete with cookies inside!

Heart shaped cake for the love of your life?

How about a bungalow for your dog? Complete with his own dog bowl and bone!

A Snoopy cake for the dog in your life?

A small sized cake for the small sized dogs with a big attitude! :-)

Cheesy Cupcakes

And that's our doggie boss, Aunty Nelly, with a greedy looking dog who can't wait to get his paws & jaws on her food!

To find out more about what we have, do visit our website

For enquiries and orders, please call our shop at Tel : 6467-5676 or call Aunty Nelly at HP : 9656-8936.

Our shop is located inside the K9 Kampus at 110 Turf City, D9-10, Singapore 288000