Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tokyo, a cute mini Schnauzer, turned three last week and her mommy (Emily) and daddy (Ken) took her to US Doggie Bakery to celebrate her birthday. It was her very first birthday cake and Tokyo was absolutely delighted and excited but she behaved like a sweet little dog and posed patiently for a LONG, LONG time while mommy and daddy enjoyed THEMSELVES taking pictures, posing with dog, posing with cake :-)
Happy Birthday Tokyo! But I'm from Singapore.
Look! That's me with my very first birthday cake - its strawberry and it looks super yummy! But mommy says I must pose and pose and pose . .

That's my mommy and me. Think she prefers taking pictures more than I do.

See, I told you its my mommy posing again . . . .

Hmmm . . .I wait long long . . . .

I gave her a kiss and she still says I have to pose some more . . .. .hmmm . . .

Aiyoh . . . .now its Daddy's turn . . . .

See, my mommy even let me hold my own knife and cut my own cake! Oh good, cut cake means can eat soon.

Yum Yum!! The long awaited delicious cake! Mommy please clean my beard now?

Mommy and Daddy say they will definitely bring me back to US Doggie Bakery soon, even when its not my birthday. But hor, I think must pose and pose again lor.

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